The length of orthodontic treatment is different for everyone since every treatment plan is tailored to your particular needs. Your smile and bite are similar to a fingerprint….unique to you!

The average orthodontic treatment is about two years, but we are seeing those treatment times decrease by utilizing the latest technology at Bordentown Braces and Cream Ridge Orthodontics.

We are fully committed to providing our patients with the latest techniques and procedures to make treatment as comfortable and efficient as possible. We are able to use lighter forces, customized braces, Propel orthodontic treatments and clear aligners such as Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. Our patients have less discomfort and decreased treatment times as they attain that great smile!

Of course, treatment time will vary greatly among patients. Very minor tooth movement may only take a few months to correct, while serious bite problems may require more than two years to correct. Only Dr. Newman will be able to accurately estimate the amount of time your orthodontic treatment will take. It is so worth it! Remember, a healthy, radiant smile can afford a lifetime of advantages!!

Have you or your children visited Bordentown Braces or Cream Ridge Orthodontics for an orthodontic consultation? If not, call us today so we can help you smile confidently! Please feel free to contact our Bordentown, NJ or Cream Ridge, NJ orthodontic offices, and let us know how we can help you. We look forward to meeting you and your family, and giving you the proper orthodontic care that will make you smile!!!